Dixie Narco 600e

Dixie Narco 600e

The Dixie Narco 600 E is a large capacity machine holding 9 selections and up to 600 cans/ 300 bottles.  This machine is perfect for a high volume areas.  This is an outdoor approved machine and offers simple field conversion from bottles to cans.  With this vendor you get a lot of bang for your buck.


  • The Dixie Narco 600E Drink Machine Dispenses 9 selections of bottles and can.
  • This is the same vending machine as the Dixie Narco 501E  Drink Machine except taller and has a larger capacity.
  • 9 Selections of 12 oz up to 20 oz drinks, Monster Energy drink.
  • Capacity: 481 Cans or 300 Bottles (approx).
  • Outdoor Approved.
  • Dex and MDB compatible.

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